Saturday, May 12, 2012

                                    My Story

I just joined the Marion Dragoons last August. and since then i have become a  member! yeah for me! This group of ladies have become fast friends. My friend Bonnie Young got me started in the group by a simple question. "do you have any Confederate ancestors" and im like?? "my family is from Georgia so my guess is YES" and 20 mins later she had my Confederate ancestor!!! My GG Grandfather George J. Ashley. Once she found him i just cant get enough! i want to know all my ancestors! But im sure it will take allot longer than 20 more minutes. 
Since all this started i just have to say i have had the best time ever learning History in a whole new way. I never knew the War between the States was even in Florida! i was born and raised in Florida! where have i been? but im slowly learning. Ü 
Let me start back in January of 2012. The Lee/Jackson ball. oh my word what fun was that! Tammy and her daughters made the best meal ever! and what a crowd that showed up. We had the best time ever. My husband escorted Bonnie and I and we had a blast! my first time ever seeing the Virginia Wheel oh my word! i wish i couldve danced but i dont think even when i was able id been able to do that lolol it was so much fun to watch though. And the band was great too.
I will post some pictures from that night hope you enjoy them♥


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